Chatham-Kent Legal Clinic


Lawyer Referral Service (LRS):

This internet service provides you (by email) with the name and number of a lawyer in your geographic area who practices in the area of law you require. The lawyer will provide a free half-hour legal consultation usually within three days. The lawyer is only available for advice, and will not write letters or complete forms.

A special crisis phone number is available for those who are under the age of 18, incarcerated, in hospital, or in crisis (domestic abuse) situations. Call toll free 1-855-947-5255 or in Toronto call (416) 947-5255. The toll free number only applies to these specific individuals. If you are a resident of Chatham-Kent and do not have internet service or email you can use the crisis line. Tell the operator you have been referred by the Chatham-Kent Legal Clinic.

Landlord's Self-Help Centre (LSHC)

The Landlord's Self-Help Centre is an incorporated non-profit organization that provides information, assistance and educational programs to Ontario's small-scale landlords free of charge. Call toll-free at 1-800-730-3218.

Family Service Kent (FSK)

Addresses a wide range of emotional, psychological, social, physical, and financial problems. Call 519-354-6221.

The Bathurst Group

Provides services regarding consumer-related problems, and will provide a free 15-minute consultation. Call 519-354-3939.

WISH Centre

Serves the multicultural community through a full spectrum of programs and services. Call 519-354-5248

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