CLEO is collaborating with various agencies to produce timely legal information on COVID-19 that is being added to the Steps to Justice website:

This page demonstrates a few options for updates that we can make to your website, if you would like any of these options added to your website, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. The name of your clinic or website URL
  2. What options to add to your website
  3. Any relevant instructions (ie: where to add the button, what text to post to your news section, etc.)

Website items / options:

1. Red alert bar

We can add a red bar along the top of your website that links to the Steps to Justice website. Please see the header of this website for an example of how this would look and the text that will be displayed.

2. Steps to Justice COVID-19 button

We can add a button to one or more pages of your website that will link to the Steps to Justice website. Please see below for an example of this button, if you would like it placed on your website, please let us know where. We suggest adding it to the sidebar of all pages on your website.

3. News item

We can post a news item to your website which will appear on the News page and feed into your homepage as well (this is only applicable if your website has a News page & news feed on your homepage).

If you would like this to be added to your website, please be sure to send us the text that you would like added. Below are suggestions that you can copy, paste & edit before sending to us.

Suggestion 1:

In response to the COVID-19 situation, we are changing our services. You can still contact us, but please do so by phone <link to contact page>. We have suspended our walk-in services.

We will see clients if there is an emergency or no other alternative, but will screen clients to assess the level of risk.

We will not be able to notarize or commission documents. We won’t be holding public legal education events, or community outreach.

Suggestion 2:

We are altering our service delivery in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Effective immediately –   

  • we are suspending our walk-in service
  • we will continue to serve clients but will do so as much as possible by phone – please see our contact page <LINK>
  • we will assess client visits on a case-by-case basis and will still see clients in person when there is no alternative / in cases of emergency
  • we will be screening clients by asking questions to assess risk
  • we are suspending all notarizing and commissioning of documents.
  • we are suspending all public legal education and outreach activities.